Mountains, wine and Easter eggs

Good day Nambithi

I hope you are well and that you had a lekker long weekend? If you had unwanted visitors (in-laws of course), I hope they behaved themselves and for everyone with a sweet tooth I hope that the Easter bunny popped in.

A lot of things happened this past week

  • The Notre Dame almost burned down (I have a “hunch’ about that)
  • We celebrated Easter
  • The squad for the Cricket World Cup was announced (Let’s hope they forget to ‘choke’ and bring the Cup home)
  • The Sharks lost (again)
  • The President visited our fair town
  • Churches and hotels got bombed in Sri Lanka

It’s getting colder now, so I bet people will start to use their heaters more frequently and more electricity will be consumed. I don’t know how dear old ESKOM is going to cope. I smell LOADSHEDDING coming up.

It was a busy Easter weekend for me.

Not only did I attend an engagement party, a spitbraai at the local tractor dealership for the new owners and church on Good Friday, I had two events to cover.

And no, it wasn’t Lush or Splashy Fen. Next year, maybe!

On Saturday (20 April) I climbed into the car and went to the mountains. I had two options to choose from. I could go to Music in the Mountains at the Drakensberg Boys Choir school or I could attend Cathedral Peaks Wine Estate’s annual Easter Day.

I chose the latter because it was only for one day, (Music in the Mountains finished Sunday, 21 April).

So I went to the wine farm. It is a beautiful journey. Picturesque mountains and lush farmland met my gaze as I drove past. If you want to know where the wine estate is, Google it!

At first I didn’t know what to expect. When I drove through the gates of the wine farm I saw many cars parked. This event was bigger than I thought.

When I entered the premises from the parking area I was met by the friendly owner Mr. Mauritz Koster with a glass of Merlot Jerepigo. It looked and tasted almost like OBS, but far more sophisticated and therefore I can concur: delicious. I bought two bottles to take home.

The event was held at the venue where they host functions/ winetasting. You could either sit on the spacious verandah at long wooden tables or outside.

I noticed immediately the relaxing atmosphere. It was very laidback. People were sitting on straw bales or wooden pallets, hanging out with their friends, kids were running around, a tent was pitched where visitors could sit under.

If I didn’t know better I could’ve sworn I was in a country music video.

There were a lot of things to do

  • Go for a tractor ride in the vineyards
  • Kids could play at the play area
  • Tasting some wine/gin/cocktails. I can seriously recommend it.
  • Eating some sweet pancakes; traditional vetkoek or beefy hamburgers.
  • I enjoyed the Cheese platter they had on offer. It was a selection of cheese, crackers, bread, fruit, vegs and sauces. It was fantastic.
  • Listening to some music
  • The Easter bunny even put in an appearance and handed out gifts to the kids

The band SAARKIE performed for us later in the afternoon. They are an all-girl rock band from Pretoria. I didn’t know much about them but after hearing them sing I was impressed. They sang their original songs (Ai My Lam) and covers (Fleetwood Mac’s Go your own Way).

It was a great way to spend my Saturday. If I could just make a suggestion to the management, make your bathroom more wheelchair-friendly. The toilet cubicle needs to be bigger.

I would really recommend visiting this attraction in our area. How often do we get a chance to go to a wine farm? We are not in the Western Cape!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Music in the Mountains on Sunday, because it was cold and raining. I didn’t want to hang out with my umbrella. But I’m sure the performances this year was as spectacular as always.

Next year I will definitely have to schedule carefully if I want to attend Lush, Splashy and Music in the Mountains.

Looking forward to it


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