One Day in Botswana

Good day people of Ladysmith (and surrounding areas)

I hope you had a splendid Workers Day (1st of May). Did you have fun?

I packed my golf club (I only use my putter, but don’t tell anyone), dusted off my golf cap and spent the day playing on the greens and driving around the golf course in a golf cart at Monks Cowl.

Afterwards I had an appetizing dinner at the Friar Tuck Restaurant. I can recommend the grilled Haloumi.

Remember last week I wrote about my trip to Zimbabwe eleven years ago? I wrote about everything I did, saw and experienced in our neighboring country.

If you read it you would’ve seen I wrote that I would tell you in this week’s edition what I did on my last day in Zimbabwe (besides riding on an elephant).

Early that morning, our guide (David) loaded us in the lodge’s vehicle that was used to transport guests to and from the airport. Then he made a couple of stops in town (Victoria Falls) and picked up a few other tourists from other accommodations.

We were all going to the same place. Our destination was about a 100 km away.

We took the Kzangula-road to the border post. The people working at the border post were very friendly and accommodating. Until they heard there were a few South Africans in the tour group.

“Aren’t the people crazy there?” one of them asked, concerned.

After crossing the border, David took us to the Chobe Safari Lodge on the bank of the Chobe-river in the Chobe National Park. The park was near the town Kasane.

When we arrived at the Lodge they welcomed us with some coffee and rusks.

We climbed on one of those big safari vehicles and went on a three hour drive through the Chobe National Park.

I saw many different animal species including Lechwe (local antelope), but I have never in my life seen so many elephants. They were everywhere. I really think the park was overpopulated.

While we were watching the elephants one of the other tourists climbed on to the vehicle canopy to get a better look. David, our tour guide, almost had a heart attack. The tourist thought he could get a better picture of an elephant bull only meters away from our vehicle.

After the game drive we went on a cruise on the Chobe-river. Lunch was supplied in picnic baskets. We ate as we cruised down the river. It was spectacular. We saw animals drinking water, hippos and crocodiles laying on the sandbanks and elephants bathing a few meters away from us.

Things became tense as one ‘ellie’ came too close to the boat. For a few seconds we were too afraid to bat an eyelid.

That, my dear readers is what I did on my last day of the trip.

The next morning before my flight back home I quickly went to have another look at the Victoria Falls. It was even more amazing seeing it the second time. This time I had the opportunity to notice things I didn’t before.

Like the iron bridge that crosses over the Zambezi-river and connects Zimbabwe and Zambia. I remember someone yelling,

“He is falling… Help!” We looked at the bridge and saw something “falling” off the bridge. The person was bungee-jumping.

It was a great trip.


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