Let it rain for food

Good day people of Ladysmith

How is everybody doing? I think it’s safe to say the summer is here. I’m sure we all can feel it in the air. I already took my swimming trunks out of the cupboard and the only thing I still need to do is buy some Sunblock or After-sun, then I can hit the pool.

I hope all the children remembered to take out their boxes where their silkworm-turned-into-moths from last year laid their eggs for the new worms to hatch during the spring. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Now if only the rain would fall so that the farmers can plant some crops and the cattle can graze in the fields. We don’t want them to struggle like the poor people in the draught-stricken Northern Cape.

Rain was forecasted for later this week (9-11 October) but I take it as seriously as an election promise. Hopefully when it rains, it pours! My herb garden could do with some help.

Speaking of farmers, when are all the farm attacks going to stop? Soon no one would want to work on a farm. Farmers, their families and their employees are risking their lives so that we can eat. Agriculture is a big part of our economy. No farmer. No food. No future. We need more safety units patrolling the rural areas where people are vulnerable.

On a lighter note.

Congratulations to hockey player Courtney Hallé for making the wider Olympic squad and to cricket player Kerwin Mungroo for being drafted by the Paarl Rocks for the Mzanzi Super League this summer. I’m looking forward to see you guys play. I know you guys will make Ladysmith proud.

You might’ve seen a lot of cyclists riding around outside of town. No, they didn’t get lost from the Argus-marathon, they are mountain-bikers taking part in the Berg&Bush.

I also would’ve taken part but my mountain-bike got “stolen” (wink,wink). This event is great for our community and it’s heartening to see everybody taking hands and helping out to make it successful.

The Springboks gave Italy a hiding in their World Cup Pool game (49-3). At the time of writing they haven’t played against Canada yet in their last pool game. Let us hope the Boks give those South Africans living in the Big White North a proper reminder of what rugby is.

Could someone please go and help the Proteas with their batting in India. Their performance in the second innings of the first test was just awful. Those batsmen are supposed to be the cream of the crop. I bet some of our local cricketers might be able to save matters

That’s it from my side. I hope you all have a ‘rainy’ week. Till next time.


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