Stand up for the Champions

Ole ole ole ole…

Sorry everybody, I’m still celebrating the Springboks victory on Saturday in the Rugby World Cup Final against England….

Let us start again. How is everybody doing? I hope you are all as happy as I am with our team’s top-notch performance against Boris Johnson’s country men? I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Did some of you shoot some crackers on Guy Fawkes Day (5 November) in celebration? Probably not, we don’t want to get dog-owners up in arms.

Some pundits have jokingly claimed the final was the third Anglo-Boer War. We annihilated the English Roses, 32-12. We dominated in every aspect of the game. It was a beautiful moment when Siya Kolisi became the first black captain to lift the Web Ellis-trophy. It was a watershed moment for our country and just like in 1995, it will unite us.

Thank goodness Rassie Erasmus took charge of the team 18 months ago otherwise this whole tournament could have been a disaster. Do you think he and his coaching team can help out the Proteas?

The way the Boks played their hearts out, I thought they would make it rain, but alas, we can’t have everything.

I’m very lucky that the Springboks won 3 World Cup Tournaments in my lifetime. In 1995 I was still in diapers and sucking on my pacifier, obviously I can’t remember the day when Joel Stransky made that drop-kick. In 2007 I was on the threshold of going to high school. That night I watched the final at my favourite restaurant, Bingelela.

This past week was a tense week. My mind was constantly with the boys in Japan. But I didn’t sit idle. I swam in the pool, I played poker with my friends and for the first time I drove my wheelchair to my grandmother’s house for tea. My gran makes the best scones in the province and it was worth not going to a cattle auction. I constantly played Johnny Clegg and Neil Diamond’s music on my phone to calm me down. Thank you Spotify (it’s an app).

On Saturday I was at a rugby-party at someone’s house. After the game I climbed into their jacuzzi and I stayed in it for 8 whole hours. That is more hours than I sleep at night (I’m a night-owl, by the way!)

Let’s speak about other things. We currently find ourselves in the month of November. During the past few year’s men have started growing a moustache during November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer and depression. We call it the “Movember-movement”, (just add “moustache” and “November” together). I’m growing a moustache (it might still invisible at month’s end) to show my support and I do hope some of our male readers follow suit.

I must go. Have a great week.

Ole ole ole ole…

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