Summer means swimming time

Buenos días (“Good day” in Spanish)

How is everybody doing? I hope all this loadshedding doesn’t get you down? This is definitely not a reason I would give for #ImStaying in South Africa. It’s a good thing Eskom didn’t schedule loadshedding on Sunday during the Springboks quarterfinal-match against Japan, otherwise it would’ve caused a riot.

Speaking of the Springboks, Japan gave us quite a scare. I was very nervous at half-time when the score was 5-3 for SA.  I don’t know what Rassie Erasmus told his troops at half-time, because they eventually prevailed 26-3. Now the Boks must slay the Welsh Dragons on Sunday.

Let’s talk about other things.

A recent study has concluded that the South-African Word of the Year was “Zondo-commision”. My word of the year, is Veldskoen, a South African-made shoebrand taking the world by storm.

For the first time ever I drove my wheelchair up-and-down the street where I stay. It was great, although there are a couple of mean-looking dogs living behind gates in our street and I prayed that the gates wouldn’t open…

The temperatures this week were sky-high. Every time I drove outside I got sunburnt. I looked like a tourist. On the other hand, Vitamin D is good for the body.

One day it was so hot I couldn’t take it anymore so I went for a swim. I also have a “fire-pool” at home that was adapted for me. The steps were enlarged so that I could have more space to be mobile. I can also hold on to the side of the pool and go down a step or two.

I like dunking my head under the water and standing on my own two feet.

When I was in high school and it was exam time my hostel friends and I used to go to the town pool for a cool-off from all the hard “studying”. I would claim that small, shallow pool at the back of the premises as mine. I could walk on my knees in it.

So, after I swam in my “firepool” and enjoyed myself I chilled a bit on the top step when a bee stung me on my throat. I immediately retaliated (like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies) and that bee was gone like the wind…

The thought that all bees should be exterminated went through my head. But I was wrong.

It would be very bad news for the earth. We need the bees to pollinate the flowers, trees, plants. Without them everything would cease to exist. It would literally be the end of the world. The best way we can help them is to plant more bee-friendly flowers and trees for them to polinate from.

Adiós amigos (goodbye friends)

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