Happy Holidays

Good day people How is everybody doing? Firstly, congratulations to Zozibini Tunzi for being crowned Miss Universe 2019 and to our Women Ice Hockey team for being crowned World Champions. Good luck to our new Protea cricket coach Mark Boucher. I’m so happy for all the rain we received across the country. I’m sorry for all the people who went down to the coast this … Continue reading Happy Holidays

It’s that time of the year

Ho ho ho people of Ladysmith How is everybody doing? Are you guys getting ready for the festive period? Are the decorations up and the excitement building? I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m watching any Christmas movie I can lay my hands on, my favourite one is obviously Die Hard! When I’m not listening to country music I play some Christmas … Continue reading It’s that time of the year

Laat die reёn val waar dit wil

Ole ole ole ole… Verskoon my tog mense, ek is nog in ʼn feesvierige-bui. Ek is nog steeds in die wolke oor die Springbokke se spogvertoning teen die Engelse Rose. Dit was ʼn fantastiese wedstryd wat ek sal onthou as ek eendag in die Juana Maria-outehuis sit met die nuutste uitgawe van die Gazette in my hande terwyl ek terug dink aan die goeie ou … Continue reading Laat die reёn val waar dit wil

Cathedral Peak en verjaarsdag-dinge

Haai mense Wat sê julle van die Bokke? Ons is weer die Kampioene. Na 10 maer jare. Ek glo ons rugby sal weer van krag tot krag gaan. Dankie oom Rassie. Jy moet net in beheer bly. Al hierdie nuwe strukture by die krieket maak my bekommerd. Ek hoor ons gaan nie eens ʼn afrigter hê nie. Ek is in daarvoor dat daar twaalf professionele … Continue reading Cathedral Peak en verjaarsdag-dinge

In the Footsteps of David Livingstone

Greetings Welcome to the first week of the winter season. We have to start getting ready for frost, cold fronts and sub-zero temperatures. At least we have Voting Day (8 May), the Cricket World Cup and the hunting season (for the hunters) to look forward too. In this column I share with my readers all the adventures and experiences I had. This week I will … Continue reading In the Footsteps of David Livingstone

Mountains, wine and Easter eggs

Good day Nambithi I hope you are well and that you had a lekker long weekend? If you had unwanted visitors (in-laws of course), I hope they behaved themselves and for everyone with a sweet tooth I hope that the Easter bunny popped in. A lot of things happened this past week The Notre Dame almost burned down (I have a “hunch’ about that) We … Continue reading Mountains, wine and Easter eggs