Happy Holidays

Good day people

How is everybody doing?

Firstly, congratulations to Zozibini Tunzi for being crowned Miss Universe 2019 and to our Women Ice Hockey team for being crowned World Champions. Good luck to our new Protea cricket coach Mark Boucher.

I’m so happy for all the rain we received across the country. I’m sorry for all the people who went down to the coast this past week and the closest they came to the beach was when they ate their supper at Ocean Basket, because they couldn’t braai!

It was an awesome week for me. Last Sunday I went to the Royal National Park in the Northern Drakensberg. With my wheelchair I explored a hiking trail called the Cascades Boardwalk. The whole trail was made from concrete.

I drove over bridges and water streams, through forests and past cliffs that still have San drawings on.  I saw some interesting plants and trees. I heard a rumor that there are leopards in the vicinity and I prayed I wouldn’t meet one face to face.

The Berg was really beautiful. In my opinion, the Drakensberg has more beauty and character than the Alps or the Rocky Mountains. At the end of the trail was a big water pool to swim in.

If you told me year ago I would be there, I would have said Eskom has a bigger chance of implementing Stage 6 loadshedding!

Afterwards I went to have lunch at Tower of Pizza. It’s perfect for a Boxing Day lunching destination.

The next day I went to the Kruger National Park. It has been raining there a lot. I thought it would go on for forty days and forty nights, but luckily it stopped on the third day. Thank goodness I stayed in a bungalow and didn’t camp otherwise I would’ve been flushed away like an itsy-bitsy spider.

The veld was green from all the good rain. It was difficult to spot the animals but I did all right. Yours truly spotted more than 30 lions in four days. I saw a lot of things I wouldn’t see when I visit the park in the winter for example, the grey tree frog lays its eggs in a whitish clump of foam they call a ‘nest’ that hangs in a tree.

I explored a few rest camps and picnic sites with my new wheels. Something I have never been able to do. Life is good!

Christmas is near so if you are in the Durban area check out the Shongweni Christmas Market. Stall owners have some unique products on offer. Look online for the dates. I was there last year. I had a blast.

Thank you for reading my last column of 2019! It has been great writing to you. I can’t wait for next year and all it may bring. I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Jabulela Ukhisimusi. Geseёnde Kersfees. Feliz Navidad.

It’s that time of the year

Ho ho ho people of Ladysmith

How is everybody doing? Are you guys getting ready for the festive period? Are the decorations up and the excitement building?

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m watching any Christmas movie I can lay my hands on, my favourite one is obviously Die Hard! When I’m not listening to country music I play some Christmas tunes. My favourites songs are all the Christmas songs sung by Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole. My favourite Christmas book is Surviving Christmas.

After a scorching hot period, I am very glad we have received some good rain. Most farmers will be able to plant their crops now. What a great Christmas gift for them. I also heard data prices are going to be cut in half. It is great. If only load-shedding hadn’t popped out of the shadows again!

This weekend the second leg of the World Rugby’s Sevens Circuit will take place in Cape Town. Not many people know this, but I was there the first time they hosted this event in the Mother City.

It was the year 2015! The year I turned 21!

I flew down to Cape Town with Mango Airlines. A taxi picked me up and took me to my hotel. It had a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently Nelson Mandela stayed there once.

The Cape Town Stadium where the event took place was constructed for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. It’s lay-out is well designed and is wheelchair-accessible all the way. I understand why the Stormers and the Western Province rugby teams are moving their home base from Newlands where they always played to this stadium in Greenpoint.

The seats they allocated to disabled people were the best in the house. I had a clear view of the field. Olympic swimmer Ryk Neethling sat a few rows ahead of me as well as current Springbok hooker Scarra Ntubeni. I saw some beautiful rugby for two whole days.

Cheslin Kolbe, Kwagga Smit and Rosco Specman were all unknown players back then and look at them today. Let me tell you something else, Saebelo Senatla runs very, very fast. I would let him run the 100m at the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

The vibe was very festive. They don’t call this event “Rugby’s Biggest Party” for nothing. There was always something going on. Like for example, when the Blitzboks weren’t playing the crowd built a ‘snake’ with empty plastic beer glasses. My favourite moments was when we all sang “Sweet Caroline” and “Country Roads” together.

When the Blitzboks sang the national anthem before the final commenced I got goosebumps. I was so proud of my team. It was great when we made Argentina cry and thrashed them 29-14.

When I wasn’t watching rugby I hung out at the V&A Waterfront. It is a great place. I get it why all the tourists hang out there. I want to go back there one day and take my new wheelchair for a spin. It was an honour visiting the Springbok museum (it’s a pity they closed it down), it was fascinating.

That will be all for now. We will talk again next week.

Ho ho ho

Laat die reёn val waar dit wil

Ole ole ole ole…

Verskoon my tog mense, ek is nog in ʼn feesvierige-bui. Ek is nog steeds in die wolke oor die Springbokke se spogvertoning teen die Engelse Rose. Dit was ʼn fantastiese wedstryd wat ek sal onthou as ek eendag in die Juana Maria-outehuis sit met die nuutste uitgawe van die Gazette in my hande terwyl ek terug dink aan die goeie ou dae.

Ek was so in my skik met die Bokke ek het dit oorweeg om ʼn Springbok-tattoo te kry. Ek het intussen tot ander insigte gekom en nou sal ek eerder ʼn Speedo soos Faf de Klerk s’n in die hande wil kry.

Ons land het hierdie oorwinning broodnodig gehad. Het julle gesien hoe al die mense in die strate saamdrom toe die Bokke deur die land getoer het met die Web Ellis-trofee? Mense van alle dele van die samelewing het alles gelos (skool, werk) en die weer getrotseer om hierdie gebeurtenis te aanskou.

Wat gaan ek nou kyk? Eers oor 3 maande wanneer daar weer ordentlike rugby is gaan dit my aandag trek. Daar’s darem bietjie sewes-rugby wat voorlê.

Nou die dag toe hoor ek ʼn positiewe brokkie nuus by een van my bronne in verband met Geluksburg.

Lyk my daar het ʼn organisie met die naam Sportsec die “Homeground Initiative”saam met UNICEF en die Departement van Basiese Onderwys begin deur ʼn sentrum te stig wat die jeug van die omliggende gemeenskap ondersteun met opvoeding en persoonlike ontwikkeling.Die sentrum volg ʼn sport gebasseerde-program vir Laer-en Hoёrskoolleerlinge.

Ek is seker hierdie projek gaan baie vrugte afwerp en mag dit van krag tot krag uitbrei. Ek hoop om gou-gou weer hieroor te skryf.

Manne, het julle al julle snorre begin kweek vir “Movember?” Ek sukkel maar nog. In ʼn ideale wêreld sou ek verkies het dat my snor soos Tom Selleck van Magnum PI-faam s’n lyk, maar ongelukkig lyk dit my ek en die wyle Elvis “Hound Dog” Presley gaan aan dieselfde snor-klub behoort.

Dit het die naweek so bietjie gereёn, skaars 10 millimeter. Die weerdienste het groot donderbuie vir hierdie week voorspel. Aan die anderkant, Koningin Elizabeth het seker ook ʼn wêreldbeker-oorwinning voorspel.

Ek hoop regtig die groot reёn kom so gou as moontlik. Oor groot dele van die land sukkel ons boere om kop bo water te hou. My skape wat daar in die Vrystaat wei kry maar swaar met die min weiding. Ek gaan dalk vir hulle bietjie mielies moet stuur.

Laat die reёn val waar dit wil



Stand up for the Champions

Ole ole ole ole…

Sorry everybody, I’m still celebrating the Springboks victory on Saturday in the Rugby World Cup Final against England….

Let us start again. How is everybody doing? I hope you are all as happy as I am with our team’s top-notch performance against Boris Johnson’s country men? I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Did some of you shoot some crackers on Guy Fawkes Day (5 November) in celebration? Probably not, we don’t want to get dog-owners up in arms.

Some pundits have jokingly claimed the final was the third Anglo-Boer War. We annihilated the English Roses, 32-12. We dominated in every aspect of the game. It was a beautiful moment when Siya Kolisi became the first black captain to lift the Web Ellis-trophy. It was a watershed moment for our country and just like in 1995, it will unite us.

Thank goodness Rassie Erasmus took charge of the team 18 months ago otherwise this whole tournament could have been a disaster. Do you think he and his coaching team can help out the Proteas?

The way the Boks played their hearts out, I thought they would make it rain, but alas, we can’t have everything.

I’m very lucky that the Springboks won 3 World Cup Tournaments in my lifetime. In 1995 I was still in diapers and sucking on my pacifier, obviously I can’t remember the day when Joel Stransky made that drop-kick. In 2007 I was on the threshold of going to high school. That night I watched the final at my favourite restaurant, Bingelela.

This past week was a tense week. My mind was constantly with the boys in Japan. But I didn’t sit idle. I swam in the pool, I played poker with my friends and for the first time I drove my wheelchair to my grandmother’s house for tea. My gran makes the best scones in the province and it was worth not going to a cattle auction. I constantly played Johnny Clegg and Neil Diamond’s music on my phone to calm me down. Thank you Spotify (it’s an app).

On Saturday I was at a rugby-party at someone’s house. After the game I climbed into their jacuzzi and I stayed in it for 8 whole hours. That is more hours than I sleep at night (I’m a night-owl, by the way!)

Let’s speak about other things. We currently find ourselves in the month of November. During the past few year’s men have started growing a moustache during November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer and depression. We call it the “Movember-movement”, (just add “moustache” and “November” together). I’m growing a moustache (it might still invisible at month’s end) to show my support and I do hope some of our male readers follow suit.

I must go. Have a great week.

Ole ole ole ole…

As ek vir Halloween moes aantrek, dra ek my Springbok-trui

Goeiedag, my mede-landsburgers

Ek hoop dinge gaan nog goed in julle geweste en dat daar nie enige drama is nie.

Dit is vir my ʼn riem onder die hart om weer vir julle in Afrikaans te skryf. Dankie aan die Gazette vir die versoek!

Wie van julle het Sondagaand Trackers op MNet gekyk? Dit is die tv-reeks wat gebasseer is op die skrywer Deon Meyer se gelyknamige boek(Spoor in Afrikaans). Al het ek nog net een episode gesien kan ek julle nou al sê dis ʼn fantastiese reeks en ek kan nie wag vir die volgende episode nie.

Trackers kan gerus saam met bekende Amerikaanse TV-reekse kers vashou.

Die wind wat ons deesdae kry raak nou te erg. Toe ek nou die dag met my rolstoel buitekant rondry het dit gevoel asof die wind my wou optel en in die lug laat vlieg soos Liewe Heksie.

Dink julle Brexit gaan ooit plaasvind of nie? Snaakse dinge gebeur nog, dit het juis die naweek bietjie gesneeu in die Wes-Kaap.

Ek is baie trots op die Springbokke nadat hulle vir die Walliese Drake naelskraap, 19-16 geklop het. Dit was nou nie ʼn mooi wedstryd nie, maar ʼn wen is ʼn wen.

Saterdag speel ons in die finaal teen Engeland. Hopenlik gebeur dieselfde as by die 2007 rugbywêreldbeker-finaal (ons het 15-6 gewen). Ons moet hulle weer wys waar Dawid die wortels begrawe het. Engeland kan nie twee wêreldbekers in een jaar wen nie. Dit is klaar erg genoeg dat hulle reeds vanjaar se krieket weergawe ingepalm het.

As iemand vir my 18 maande gelede gesê het ons gaan deur na die eindrondte toe het ek gedink daai persoon praat nou lekker nonsens. Ek hoop ons doen ons beste om die wenpaal te haal. Dit sal wonderlik wees vir ons land, ten spyte van al die negatiewe aspekte waarmee ons daagliks te doen kry: droogtes, armoede, misdaad, korrupsie ens.

Die 31ste Oktober (wanneer hierdie weergawe verskyn) is dit Halloween-dag. Ons almal het al op televisie gesien hoe die Amerikaanse publiek hierdie feesviering terdeё geniet. Kinders trek aan soos fiktiewe karakters (Rooikappie & Han Solo) of monsters (mummies & vampiere) en loop dan van huis tot huis om lekkernyne te kry wat die huiseienaars uitdeel wat ook hul huise met ʼn Halloween-tema versier het.

Dit klink na vet pret, maar dit sal ongelukkig nie in ons land werk nie. Kinders kan nie in die aand die strate invaar nie. Jy kan nie sommer jou voordeur oopmaak om vir ʼn kind lekkers te gee nie. Net nou is dit diewe wat jou wil roof.

Ons praat weer.Totsiens mense en sterkte Bokke!

Let it rain for food

Good day people of Ladysmith

How is everybody doing? I think it’s safe to say the summer is here. I’m sure we all can feel it in the air. I already took my swimming trunks out of the cupboard and the only thing I still need to do is buy some Sunblock or After-sun, then I can hit the pool.

I hope all the children remembered to take out their boxes where their silkworm-turned-into-moths from last year laid their eggs for the new worms to hatch during the spring. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Now if only the rain would fall so that the farmers can plant some crops and the cattle can graze in the fields. We don’t want them to struggle like the poor people in the draught-stricken Northern Cape.

Rain was forecasted for later this week (9-11 October) but I take it as seriously as an election promise. Hopefully when it rains, it pours! My herb garden could do with some help.

Speaking of farmers, when are all the farm attacks going to stop? Soon no one would want to work on a farm. Farmers, their families and their employees are risking their lives so that we can eat. Agriculture is a big part of our economy. No farmer. No food. No future. We need more safety units patrolling the rural areas where people are vulnerable.

On a lighter note.

Congratulations to hockey player Courtney Hallé for making the wider Olympic squad and to cricket player Kerwin Mungroo for being drafted by the Paarl Rocks for the Mzanzi Super League this summer. I’m looking forward to see you guys play. I know you guys will make Ladysmith proud.

You might’ve seen a lot of cyclists riding around outside of town. No, they didn’t get lost from the Argus-marathon, they are mountain-bikers taking part in the Berg&Bush.

I also would’ve taken part but my mountain-bike got “stolen” (wink,wink). This event is great for our community and it’s heartening to see everybody taking hands and helping out to make it successful.

The Springboks gave Italy a hiding in their World Cup Pool game (49-3). At the time of writing they haven’t played against Canada yet in their last pool game. Let us hope the Boks give those South Africans living in the Big White North a proper reminder of what rugby is.

Could someone please go and help the Proteas with their batting in India. Their performance in the second innings of the first test was just awful. Those batsmen are supposed to be the cream of the crop. I bet some of our local cricketers might be able to save matters

That’s it from my side. I hope you all have a ‘rainy’ week. Till next time.


Books, rugby and Survivor

Good day people of Ladysmith

How is everybody doing? I’m proud to say this is my 25th column for the Gazette. I’m half way to fifty.

A few things grabbed my attention last week. But first, did Hugo phone the police?

I was shocked to my core when it was announced by MNET that there won’t be another season of Survivor SA next year, despite the increase in ratings. I’m very disappointed with that. They should rather cancel another reality show like The Batchelor.

Watching Survivor used to be one of my favourite highlights of the week. The tension, cunningness and the excitement kept me at the edge of my seat.

A lot of people are complaining about the new law that has been passed that prohibits parents from spanking their kids at home. To them I would like say: Where should the line be drawn? A few weeks ago everyone was protesting against the violence against women and children. A step has been taken to protect minors from physical abuse.

The Springboks thrashed Namibia 57-3 on Saturday. I never had any doubt on the outcome. It was like the first team playing against the under fifteens C-team. Now our full attention should be on the Boks for Friday when we clash against Italy.

Let ‘s talks about something else. The other day I was at a restaurant here in the Drakensberg and I saw someone sitting at the table next to me playing a game on his tablet.

I’m sure some of you can agree with me that most of these games can become quite addictive. You don’t focus on anything beside the games you play. I once played Subway Surfers for 8 hours straight!

That’s why I want to encourage you to read books. Especially the youth.  Reading has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it’s fun and entertaining. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Secondly, you gain so much knowledge and insight. Knowledge is power.

Reading also stimulates your mind, reduces stress, improves your memory and analytical thinking and exposes you to new words and writing styles.

Take out a book at the Town’s Library or buy a book at the local CNA. Why doesn’t Ladysmith have proper bookstores? If a Musica can survive in Ladysmith, surely a bookstore can too!

The closest bookstores are in Newcastle or Pietermaritzburg. Why is that?

Remember what I said. Read a book.

Keep well

Dinge op my hart

Hello my liewe mense

Ek is jammer ek was so stil die afgelope tyd. Julle moenie dink ek het van julle vergeet nie. Dit sal nooit gebeur nie.

Ek hoop dinge loop so reg soos ʼn moltrein in New York daar aan julle kant. Ek hoop julle staan nog sterk na Eskom se streke? Die mense wat daar langs die Vaalrivier bly, ek hoop die gemors word gou uitgesorteer.

Ek hoor die skoolkinders gaan in die toekoms alles oor die feite van die lewe leer. Liewe land, die vorige generasies moes alles self uitvind.

Het Hugo ooit die Polisie gebel? Vir sy part hoop ek hy het.

Wat gaan aan met ons krieket? Daar word meer in die raadsale as op die veld gespeel. Die toer in Indiё was ʼn flop. Dalk moet oom Rassie dinge bietjie gaan regstel daar.

Ek is so trots op die Bokke. Hulle het die Engelse, Wallisers en die hele kaboedel by die wêreldbeker ore aan gesit. Nou is ons die wêreldkampioene.

Japan lyk na ʼn aantreklike opsie om te besoek. Die media praat heeltyd van hoe skoon, netjies en vriendelik dit daar is.  Dit is net daardie tifoon wat my so ʼn bietjie afgesit het.

My droom vakansie is egter ʼn reis na Londen, die States of Rio!

Het julle geweet daarnaby Ladysmith (waar Ladysmith Black Mambazo sy oorsprong heet) is ʼn eersteklas wildreservaat met 10 lodges en die Groot 5. Die plek se naam is die Nambithi Game Reserve.

Ek het dit een naweek gaan uitkyk. Ek het by die Springbok Lodge gebly. Dit was puik. Alles was goed georganiseer. Die kos was heerlik en die hele lodge was rolstoel-vriendelik. Die wildbesigtigings was asemrowend.

Dit is vreeslik droog deesdae. Wanneer gaan die reёn val soos in die ou dae? Dink julle dit sal werk as ons Eddie Rabbit se liedjie ,“I Love a Rainy Night” of CCR se bakgat-treffer, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”speel en hoop dit sal die sluise sal laat ooptrek.

Ek dink die mense wat so aan Don Trump se lippe hang is verkeerd, daar is iets soos aardverwarming. Ek glo die mensdom moet meer doen om hierdie katastrofe te keer. Al wat ek egter vra is dat plastiekstrooitjies teruggebring word.

Wat dink julle van die nuwe tv-reeks op Mnet,met die naam Trackers? Dit kom uit die pen van die bekende Afrikaanse skrywer Deon Meyer? Toe ek hoor hulle saai dit een van die dae uit het ek dadelik al sy boeke gaan lees. Bennie Griesel bly maar my gunsteling karakter.

Dit is jammer Survivor wys nie meer nie. Ek was gaande daaraar.

Ek like nogal Ricus Nel en Sotkop se nuutste snit, Boerepompie. Die kerkraad gaan seker nie daarvoor te vinde wees nie, maar ons jongklomp smaak dit.

Ek sien ou Afriforum en Solidariteit bou nou deesdae verder aan Sol-Tech. Die manne is besig. Ek wens dinge vorder ook so vining in die land.

Het julle al van die Britse sitcom Fools and Horses gehoor? Dit het in die tagtigs gewys. Die humor is skerp, maar nie altyd polities korrek nie. Ek hou ook nogal van die programme Blue Bloods en The Rookie.

Ek probeer ook om vir ʼn snor te groei vir ‘Movember’, maar ek sukkel. Myne lyk al hoe minder soos Hulk Hogan s’n en al hoe meer soos Adolf Hitler s’n.

Hoekom dra so min mense in SA Hawaiise-hemde? Julle weet daai hempe wat Don Ho en Magnum PI altyd gedra het. Veral in hierdie warm weer. Dit is koel, li g en kleurvol. Ek dink ek gaan my khaki-hemde vir die winter los.

Ek het nou te veel goed gesê. Verskoon my. Ons praat gou weer.


Dinge wat jy nie geweet het nie: Deel 4

Hiers ek weer

Hiers ek weer

Met ʼn glimlag by jou deur

Dis weer tyd dat jy leer

Is dit ʼn appel of n peer?

Jammer vir my patetiese probeerslag om te dig.

Kyk of jy die volgende 10 vrae kan antwoord

1.Uit watter taal hom hierdie frase, “Comment t’appelles-tu? – “What’s your name?”.


2.Wie het die treffer “Brown Eyed Girl” gesing?

Van Morrison

3.Waar is die oudste kasteel in die wêreld en hoe oud is die kasteel?

Die Sitadel van Aleppo wat al  3000 jaar voor Christus bestaan

4.Wie was Ian Fleming?

Skepper van die fiktiewe superspioen James Bond

5.Wie was die eerste persoon wat plastiese chirugie gekry het?

John Peter Mettauer

6.Wat is Swaziland se nuwe naam?


7.Waar is die oudste huis in die wêreld?

Knap of Howar, Skotland

8.Waar het die meeste skepe gesink?

Begraafplaas van die Atlanties- aan die kus van die deelstaat North Carolina in die VSA

9.Wat is banh mi?

Vietnamese brood

  1. Wie het die boek, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” geskryf?

John Gray

Ek hoop julle het hierdie 10 feite interessant gevind. Ek keer binnekort terug met nog interessanthede.


Dinge wat jy nie geweet het nie: Deel 3

Hallo julle

Hoe gaan dit met julle?

Daar is so baie interessante trivia vir ons om te leer. Hier is ʼn handjievol interessante brokkies wat julle dalk handig te pas sal kom as julle by ʼn braai met ʼn bek vol tande rondstaan.

Waar het die ‘cappuccino’-drankie ontstaan?

Dit het sy ontstaan gemaak in die vroeё 1900s in Italiё

Wat was die eerste Country-liedjie wat nog ooit gesing is?

Little Log Cabin in the Lane gesing deur Fiddlin’ John Carson

Wie was die eerste persoon in Antarktika?

Roald Amundsen

Wie was die baasbreine wat verantwoordelik was vir die skepping van Wi-Fi?

Daar was vyf van hulle. Hul name is Graham Daniels, John Deane, John Sullivan, Terence Percival en Diethelm Ostry.

Watter bank was die eerste bank wat ‘online banking’ ingestel het?

Wells Fargo in Amerika

Uit watter land kom die kosdis ‘Pani Popo?’


Uit watter land kom die vrugte-brandewyn Pálinka oorspronklik?


In watter Amerikaanse sitcom verskyn die karakters Sam, Diane, Woody, Norm en Cliff?


Waar is die Bayak-stam woonagtig?

Sentrale-Afrikaanse Republiek

Wat beteken die Latynse-frase “Ad meloira?”

Beweeg na beter dinge

Ek hoop julle kon ʼn paar dinge wys raak. Tot volgende keer.